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„CE und Elektrische Sicherheit sind kein Hexenwerk“


SAF COMPLIANCE arose from the realization that manufacturers of electrically operated or electronic devices and products often feel left in the lurch when it comes to product compliance and the complex requirements associated with it.
When we were founded in 2018, we wanted to remedy this and enable manufacturers to enter the market for their goods quickly and, above all, safely.

With our many years of background as test engineers for active medical devices, we decided at the time to also use our experience in product safety in other product sectors such as consumer electronics or des
  To send laboratory and measurement needs.

From safety tests to the creation of risk assessments, from the practical side of development
  We are actively at your disposal for support as well as for the creation of legally compliant operating instructions  to the side.

You are in direct contact with our engineers at all times and receive transparent feedback on the current status of the compliance tests on your products.

As SAF COMPLIANCE, based in Berlin, we stand for the highest level of competence and short delivery times.


If you want to benefit from our service for a timely market entry, then make an appointment today for a free initial consultation.

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